Who is Ashwin Singh?

And How WordPress Hunter Was Started...

“Here you will get to know my STORY and I will Be

Completely Honest With You "

Well, professionally I have completed my B. Tech in software engineering. But for the past 5 years, I have been earning money online by understanding the art and science of online selling. I started my online career as a full-time web developer and use to be very active on freelancing websites.

I won’t lie to you – ‘ I AM NOT THE BEST WEB DESIGNER’ at least in my view, I have met far more talented web designers than me.

But I was still able to please my clients we stunning websites. later I trained myself into a landing page designer as well and got clients who hired me to make landing pages to market their product and service more effectively.

For doing it for almost half a decade I had to make lots of websites and Landing pages, Client often asked me to write copy as well so I needed to master the art of written persuasion on a web page.

I have personally made well over 50+ landing pages for myself so I know what it takes to make a good one.

Life was good I use to make websites for clients and make money sometimes work on landing page projects till 2019 I did this and nothing else and in the process i became so passionate about websites and landing pages that I even started my own little web design agency in 2019.

In fact, I started to teach people about web design using seminars and my youtube channel in December of 2019

but something happened in early 2020…

You see when a chef opens a restaurant, he is not a chef anymore he becomes an entrepreneur

Similarly, when I opened my youtube channel to market my web design services online I wasn’t a Web designer anymore I became an ‘ONLINE MARKETER’

I found something called affiliate Marketing.

And soon found myself learning about clickbank and how to sell products online.

It was Feb of 2020 and I was experiencing an epiphany of my lifetime of making money using Internet marketing.

So I decided to become a student and bought some of the best books on internet marketing and started reading, well not exactly reading but actually consuming the information as much as humanly possible and discovered how top marketers around the world uses skills like sales funnel creation, copywriting, email marketing, etc to sell anything online.

I was in a totally different world altogether and as I kept learning I experienced a power that I have never experienced in my last 3-4 year of making websites for clients, now I don’t need to wait for my next client or next project as I have discovered how to make money using internet marketing passively.


I wasted no time and started deploying tactics and strategies into my Clickbank affiliate business and I kid you not when I am saying this – ‘it has been 5 months since I have last worked and I am still earning handsomely of what I created in Feb of 2020’

It was a Show of dedicated HARDWORK.

So I continued to learn and polish my online business growth strategy and continued Learning and applying like a  FREAK till August of 2020.

But what happened in August of 2020?

As we all know a global pandemic was declared in early march of 2020, we all were in our home isolation, spending time with our family.

But when the lockdown was partially over and we returned to the street to revive our lost social life, My young marketer eye saw something on the street which I have not seen in the last 23 years of my life living there.

My education gave me the vision to see unseen destruction and the opportunity to help on the same street where I have to spend my whole childhood and saw nothing.

You see the first wave of covid was over, News media and governments were talking about the destruction of life caused by the virus but no one was even flinching to see businesses that never reopened after the lockdown.

So one day I along with two of my friend walk past our favorite restaurant (closed obviously), looked at each other ambiguously, no words were exchanged but we all looked at each other and can hear it loud and clear- ” we will do it

We decided to implement all of our learning and discoveries about online growth hacking to revive these small business owners using the INTERNET.

and OH MY GOD!

In the process, We found some of the best team we could possibly have and were working on different types of project with clients from different market and industry.

after working on so many projects, soon we realized – Most of our clients were over paying for the tools and software they used to run their online business.

and that is why today wordpress hunter exists, as I truly believe 


So what you can expect from my side?

You can expect to learn-

  • to use wordpress effectively and make websites.
  • make high-converting landing pages in wordpress.
  • My Affiliate Marketing Journey and strategies
  • Email Marketing (My Favorite)

And if you are reading till here 

CONGRATULATIONS! You made it till the end… But incase you want to know more about me

I’ll leave a video below, where I partially explained my journey. 

And incase you are still thinking about staring your blog or any online business.

My advise to you is.

stop procrastinating and take action.

see you soon 

Ashwin singh