Alidropship Review – is alidropship worth it ?

alidropship plugin review

So I will be honest with you.

If you are interested in having an online eCommerce/dropshipping store I will save you at least $1000 every single year.

Hey my name is Ashwin and I make websites for clients and in this 10 min alidropship review, I will show you why everyone is talking about this tool and how exactly this can save you money

I know learning anything new can be overwhelming 


I will try to add in as many resources such as video, charts, gif to make this article as simple as possible to understand.

So if you have 10 minutes in hand and want to know about Alidropship 

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What is Dropshipping 

Aliexpress dropshipping infographic

Now lets us understand briefly what exactly dropshipping is and how this Alidropship tool will help you with dropshipping.

Now in lame words – Dropshipping is a type of eCommerce business where we act as a salesperson and sell other people’s products and can keep a profit margin.

This means you don’t need a large warehouse to keep a large inventory, you can get started with dropshipping right now as we speak.

And you can earn a decent amount of passive income doing this

For a basic understanding, you can see this infographic.

In simple words,

You create your store using Shopify or wordpress and then you can use any payment processor to collect payment.

Then you can import products from aliexpress and set a price higher than that of the product

Then get traffic to your website, get your sales and fulfill your order using tools like alidropship or you can even do it manually.

so this is a kind of full process of a basic dropshipping model, I hope you got a basic understanding of this process.

What is the requirement for dropshipping?

Previously Shopify was the go-to option if you want to start an eCommerce business where you can create a store in minutes and start importing products, run Facebook ads, and BOOM! You got a sale.

Then you will have to manually purchase and ship products from aliexpress (it is a website from where we source our products)

The only barrier to entry with this was the price of Shopify, they are a bit expensive for beginners with their basic plan starting from $29/month

But with the introduction of alidropship, creating a store using WordPress is way more profitable than Shopify.

Using wordpress for your e-commerce solution can open gates for all kinds of upgrades and customization for your website

you can use page builders like elementor, Divi, thrive architect to make custom product pages and landing pages

This Shopify vs wordpress topic deserves an article for itself, so I will not be going deep into this.

Just simply understand that there are 2 platforms where we can start our dropshipping store and the basic requirement list are as Follow: 

Domain and Web hosting
Ecommerce platform – Shopify/woocommerce etc
Payment processors – Stripe or PayPal
High Converting theme (optional)
Alidropship plugin / Oberlo/ other (optional)

Now that you have an idea of what is dropshipping and how we can start it, let us understand why everyone is so excited about alidropship.

What is alidropship

So basically Alidropship is a wordpress plugin that will help you to connect your eCommerce store made in wordpress with the Aliexpress website means you can import any product from aliexpress in a single click (they have a chrome extension for this) and not only this you can automate order fulfillment using this plugin

Unlike Shopify it does not come with a monthly plan, it’s a tool that if you buy it for once you can have it for a lifetime.

Alidropship plugin comes in 2 variants –

  • Alidropship plugin
  • Alidropship woo plugin

As I have told you that alidropship is a wordpress plugin so you must have a wordpress website.

So let’s look at the requirement for alidropship 

  1. Must have a domain and web hosting (it is obvious if you want to make any website)
  2. WordPress is installed on that domain name.
  3. And must have a merchant account with PayPal or stripe to accept online payments.

And that’s it, you can have your fully automatic dropshipping store if you have these three things


if you don’t have a domain or hosting and you are starting from scratch, the Alidropship team will help you to buy a fully functional custom dropshipping store along with web hosting and alidropship plugin of your choice.

I know that you might be confused with both the variant of the alidropship plugins.

So in this section, we will take a detailed look at what are the major difference between this 2 plugin variant.

alidropship vs alidropship woo

alidropship vs alidropship woo

Alidropship is a wordpress plugin that helps to convert a simple eCommerce store made in wordpress into a dropshipping store and can automate most of the process.

For doing this they have 2 plugin

  • Alidropship plugin– this is the simple variant of this plugin where you can use only this tool to create your eCommerce dropshipping store from scratch.

You don’t need to install woocommerce and have extra plugins, you can just install this plugin and you are done. but you just cannot use woo commerce with this

  • Alidropship woo plugin – this is the second variant of this plugin, most of the features are similar except this plugin can be used with woocommerce.

This means you can have all the power of woocommerce combined with automation of alidropship and BOOM! You can make the best dropshipping store on the planet.

And if you are thinking Ashwin, do I need to buy this plugin separately 

Then the answer is NO when you will buy a lifetime license for the alidropship plugin, you will get both of these plugins, and depending on your need or taste you can use any one of these to create your dropshipping store.


I will recommend you go with the alidropship woo plugin

FeaturesAlidropshipAlidropship woo
Ali ThemesYesYes
Woo ThemesNoYes
Woo extensionsNoYes
Product Import/exportYesYes
Built In payment
Order FulfilmentYesYes
Pricing CalculatorYesYes
Chrome ExtensionYesYes
Alidropship Vs Alidropship woo

So this was the basic understanding of this alidropship tool.

Now let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of the alidropship plugin.

Alidropship pros and cons

AliDropship is the best solution for drop shipping

No matter how wonderful you are, but there will be always something that will be considered as bad.

And this what exactly we are going to cover in this section, we are going to look at some of the major alidropship pros and cons  

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Alidropship advantages

I have been using alidropship since 2017 and over the years I have seen alidropship companies grow and change, they keep adding features and services to guarantee your success with your dropshipping store.

Be it alidropship plugin, free themes, and addons or custom store, or even alidropship services, they are doing their best to provide you the best experience.

So let us look at some of the 6 major alidropship advantages :

  • Alidropship plugins and tool – yes, the first major advantage of alidropship is their plugin for wordpress which help us to automate most of our process, they also help to import reviews for the product and they have a service inside of that plugin using which you can import 50 winning product for free and if you feel this is insane then wait,

Alidropship has a chrome extension using which you can import UNLIMITED product, edit product images from aliexpress in just one click, Isn’t this amazing?

  • ALIDROPSHIP PRICING – WAIT! how pricing for any tool can be an advantage, well in the case of alidropship it is – for only a one-time payment you use your alidropship and alidropship woo plugin on a single domain.

Do not worry about update, you will get lifetime update with lifetime support.

And I believe the price I have paid for all this is a steal 

  • Alidropship Themes and addons – alidropship has several free themes that will put any paid theme to shame, I mean they are that good and along with free themes they have powerful add-ons (WordPress plugin) for woocommerce that will enhance the performance of your store.
  • Alidropship cult– if you are in Shopify, you are a kinda lonely warrior and have no one to go tho is you want a new piece of information on your field, whereas in alidropship they have an amazing bunch of people that love to talk and help you with all your doubts and alidropship team is generous enough to answer any of you stupid doubts in the name of support.
  • Test before you buy – very rarely you will see any wordpress tool that allows us to test all of their features for free.

But in the case of alidropship, you can request a demo of any tool and they will give you one-time access to a WordPress account where you can test all the plugins from the backend, as you will do when you will buy that plugin. So that is an interesting advantage of alidropship, they are so confident about their tool that they don’t mind if a prospect wants to look at in and out of that plugin before buying.

  • Huge Dropshipping jump start- now this is so unfair, alidropship allows you to buy their premium store for a penny. 

In the premium store, they select the winning products, make Facebook ad campaigns, and test your store performance. once they will find a combination of products that are converting on that store they will sell it as a premium store- means you don’t need a hosting or domain or even an alidropship plugin license, everything is included in the package 

They are literally giving you a fully functional business that is already generating revenue and which I feel is kind of unfair – whyyy do you do this team alidropship? AAAA!

So these are the 6 major advantages of alidropship, according to me, there are many other minor advantages such as AI product description writer, 100 winning products every month, and many more, if you want to know more about alidropship, check out their official website.

  “Even superman looked invincible until we came to know about the kryptonite “

Now that we have seen the advantages let’s look at some of the cons of the alidropship plugin

Alidropship disadvantages

As a wordpress user since 2014-15, I have had no issues in using wordpress or even understanding the technical aspects of running your won website.

If you are like me, you are going to find this section very boring.

But what about those who are new to this game?

They will find this process a bit difficult, which is second nature to us.

So here are some of the 4 disadvantages of alidropship: 

  • Web hosting knowledge- if you have never used a web hosting service or don’t know about cpanel, you can have problems when you will do it for the first time ( it will take a learning curve). However, Alidropship addressed this issue and started offering a service called ‘ custom store ‘ where they do all the technical stuff and they hand it over to you along with 20-30 winning products.
  • AliExpress limitations- As you will start your Dropshipping journey, sooner or later you will realize that AliExpress is not the dead-end other suppliers provide better prices for the raw product, and in that case, the Alidropship plugin will not be able to automate your process, you will have to do it manually or appoint a VA (virtual assistant) as of now Alidropship only works with AliExpress.
  • WordPress Learning curve- even if you learn how to use a cpanel and install wordpress and all. Still, there will be a learning curve for wordpress.. you will have to learn how to use wordpress to use Alidropship plugin.
  1. Website optimization- Unlikely other platforms like Shopify or other you will have to optimize your website for speed or analytics and security by yourself. (Another learning curve)

So these are some disadvantages of having your Dropshiping website on wordpress and Alidropship.


Before you take any decision on which platform to choose. I Want to add something – ” There is a difference between owning a house and renting it “

When you are paying a monthly fee/rent to a service like Shopify, you are renting your house/website on the internet, you will have to follow the rules or you will be kicked out.

Whereas when you get hosting and make your website from scratch, it’s your own house and you are the boss.

Yes, you will have to take responsibility for its maintenance but no one will ever question you on whatever you do on your Dropshipping website.

I hope you will get my point.

Congratulations, you have just completed 50% of this article and learn about what is alidropship and some of its major pros and cons.

Now in the next section, we are going to look at some of the features and offerings of alidropship.

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Features of Alidropship

alidropship Plugin review

Alidropship has a wordpress plugin but less do you know that alidropship is more than a just wordpress plugin.

They have a tier of services and products that can help you to enhance your website’s performance and your dropshipping business.

So in this section, we are going to look at all the alidropship services and products and we are going to review them one by one.

Alidropship Hosting Review

Alidropship offers quality web hosting at the lowest price in the industry as their hosting starts from only $3 per month and we are talking about high-quality eCommerce hosting.

Alidropship hosting features

Here are some of the features of hosting offered by alidropship

  • Upto17 GB of SSD disk – means you can store files of your website up to 17GB in an SSD disk means we are talking about high read and write speed and just to put it in perspective, this website is having more than 300 files and till now I have used only 400MB of my webspace. So 17GB is sufficient space for your dropshipping website
  • Host up to 30 Websites – Means you can just buy one hosting and add up to 30 other websites and hey no one is limiting you to have more than 1 dropshipping website or you can also start your blog side by side.
  • Control panel- This is pretty standard in all of the hosting providers, you will get your cpanel account where you can control different technical aspects of your website, and of course, you will get free SSL, in case you are wondering
  • Business email- with alidropship you get to host up to 80 professional business email addresses.

So these are some of the features of alidropship and keep in mind the awesome support you get with any of the alidropship product

Alidropship hosting price

Now let’s talk about money, how much for this hosting.

Well as I have said earlier pricing of alidropship hosting starts from $3 a month and I am not kidding, alidropship hosting is currently having 4 PLANS and they are calling it Silver, GOLD, GOLD PLUS & PLATINUM.

Let’s look at these plans in the image below

You can see all the important features they are providing are already listed here and hey, I have already explained what they mean by these features.

So overall I would say this is quality hosting at a low price with no hidden or high renewable fees and if you are just starting with your online journey, this hosting can be helpful.

Ok, we are just steamrolling in this alidropship review article. we have covered so much but still, I have a lot to share.

We have just completed the alidropship hosting review and now we will look at some of the other features/offerings of alidropship

Some of the best alidropship addons


Alidropship has some wordpress plugins that will enhance the performance of your website.

There are 19 of them, some are free and some are paid.

I have used almost all of them and I was never disappointed by even one of them.

Here I will be covering two package deals of these addons so that you can have an idea of what to expect from these add-ons.

Beginner’s Set alidropship addons

In this set, they are offering 6 addons for beginners at a discounted price. You can save $52 if you buy this bundle, at least this is something they are claiming.

Here are the addons you will get with the beginner’s set package

  • Urgency addon
  • Product bundle creator
  • Product review page generator
  • Image optimizer for SEO
  • Promo banner creator
  • My suppliers’ plugin

So this is what you get with beginner’s set addon for alidropship plugin, if you want to learn more about this addon you can visit the official website of alidropship.

The add-on set bundle for Alidropship

This is another bundle of 6 addons that you can use for marketing purposes, so without further ado, let’s look at what we have in this bundle 

  • Countdown timer
  • Recent sales popup
  • Facebook business plugin
  • Google merchant plugin
  • Upsell plugin on the cart
  • Social rabbit plugin

So that’s all we have in this addons section.

Now in the next section, we will be talking about alidropship custom store and going to give you a short review of that

Alidropship custom store review

In this section, we are going to look at the most interesting feature of the alidropship company.

It is called “ Alidropship custom store” and in this short alidropship custom store review, you will understand why I feel this offer from alidropship is highly controversial.

Now before we dive in for what an alidropship custom store can do for you and what are its features, let’s just understand what is the basic difference between Alidropship Plugin and Alidropship custom stores.

  • Alidropship plugin– I have told you its a wordpress plugin that helps you to do dropshipping business in complete automation and can be used with woocommerce. But you will have to have a wordpress website, a domain name, and good hosting.

Then all you need is an Alidropship plugin to convert that wordpress website into a dropshipping store. Here “ YOU ARE BUYING A TOOL FOR YOUR BUSINESS

  • Alidropship Custom Store – whereas in this offer you don’t need a wordpress website or a domain name or even hosting ( sounds too good to be true, RIGHT? )

But this is what alidropship custom store is – You will place an order for a custom store, then 4 things will happen

  1. Your order will be confirmed. 
  2. One of the officials of alidropship will contact you.
  3. You will tell them what kind of store you want.
  4. They will make it for you, you can sit back and relax.

You don’t buy hosting, domain, or an Alidropship license; everything is included in this package, along with 50 well-researched products in your selected niche and they will also create a Facebook page and index your website on the search engines.

And this is why I feel it is highly controversial because when I started they did not have this feature and it took me months to do it myself, especially that 50 winning products.

Now for you, it is so easy, you can order months of hard work for a fraction of money and can quickly get a jumpstart.

So in the case of Alidropship custom store – “ YOU ARE NOT BUYING A TOOL, YOU ARE BUYING A BUSINESS

Buy an online business

Alidropship Custom store Features

Now that you have an idea of what exactly is an Alidropship Custom Store, let us look at its feature in detail.

Here I will list down 7 top features of the Alidropship custom store: you can always click on that learn more button to know more 

  1. You will get a personal manager with this package to help you in every way possible.
  2. You will get 100% ownership of that website when it is completed (means no monthly rent)
  3. Your website will be optimized for SEO and mobile devices. 
  4. You can also have a custom design for your store.
  5. You will get 50 potential winning products in your selected niche.
  6. You will get LIFETIME support in a one time payment.
  7. Experts will build your dropshipping business means no time waste to find a winning combination.

So these are some of the features of the alidropship custom store.

I know I know you are curious to know about the pricing of this awesome service, so before you read further can you guess the pricing?

Come on go ahead and take a guess – is it $997 or $1997 

Well, I can tell you this for sure if you’re guessing in that range.

Get ready to be shocked.

Alidropship custom store pricing

What was your guess? 

How much will you pay to have a running business that can generate passive income for yourself?

Well alidropship custom store package starts from $299 – it’s a one-time payment and you will have your store with minimum 50 products

You can check out images down below and can look for yourself

alidropship custom store

My Suggestion: hey, it’s your dream, and it’s your business in this mediocre world, I want you to have the best dropshipping service on the planet. Go for the best package to get the best store and give the best service to your customers.

It is not that expensive considering you will get 200 winning products and promotional videos for all those products, this service is going to pay for itself leaving you with a top-notch alidropship store.

So that was alidropship features and all its other offerings.

This is what you will get along with an alive community when you will join alidropship in any way.


We live in an imperfect world and with opportunities comes competition. 

So in the next section, we are going to look at the top 2 competitors of alidropship.

Alidropship vs oberlo

alidropship vs oberlo

Alidropship and Oberlo are very similar products, except Oberlo offers way too little for that hefty monthly fee they charge, and alidropship offers way too much for a one-time payment.

Now I think it is pretty obvious where the comparison is going.

But you know what, if it is an overpriced JUNK, no matter how much we can compare it and show its valid points.

It will still be an Overpriced JUNK.

Ohhh! Did I offend someone?


I will prove it with stats and reviews for both of these products.

but first of all let’s look at what exactly is Oberlo

What is Oberlo?

oberlo is a service similar to alidropship which helps us to automate most of our dropshipping process such as – auto fulfill orders, find and edit winning products, and other micro-tasks that you do in a dropshipping store

Alidropship vs Oberlo – Platform of use

although we have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to hosting our dropshipping store, but the two major players are woocommerce and Shopify.

But I want to inform you, as of now alidropship only works with WordPress, not Shopify.

whereas Oberlo has an integration with both of the platforms

so this is where oberlo has an edge over alidropship, but that does not make it a superior tool in any way.

there is still a lot of feature difference between these tools.

let us look at some more

Alidropship vs Oberlo – Features difference

Here I will make a list of everything these two companies have to offer and you will see for yourself why I am calling oberlo overpriced junk.

No of Order FulfilmentUnlimitedUnlimited
Product ImportUnlimitedlimited
SuppliersAliexpressAliexpress and more
Winning products50 productsNo
Pricing$89 (one-time)$958 (per year)
SupportLifetimefor subscriber-only
Other featuresAddons,themes,services
Alidropship vs oberlo

Well, there are other factors such as pricing and support that you get with both of these tools and even the fact of renting and owning your property.


I will leave this to you, decide it for yourself and tell me in the comments.

Which one of these you are is worth your time, effort, and money.

With this head-to-head comparison of Alidropship vs Oberlo, we will try to move forward and look at the biggest competitor or Alidropship, the real deal, the biggest of them all we are talking about Alidropship vs Shopify. 

Actually, it is more of a wordpress vs Shopify kind of thing, but you people were banging on my youtube comment section.

So here I am with a comparison 

Keep reading…

Alidropship vs Shopify

Alidropship vs Shopify is one of the hot topics but the truth is these two services are of completely different domains.

Shopify is an eCommerce solution that helps you to make and host your eCommerce store not the dropshipping store but an e-commerce store.

When you add some apps like oberlo with Shopify then it becomes a dropshipping store

Whereas alidropship is just a tool that makes any woocommerce store a dropshipping store.

So what I feel, there is no real comparison between alidropship and Shopify.

However, there is a lot to talk about woocommerce and Shopify.

So without wasting much of your time I will give my conclusion for this Alidropship review.

Alidropship Review- Conclusion

So you made it right till the very end of this alidropship review and you are among few other people I know who are dedicated to finishing what they start.

I appreciate your efforts and want to congratulate you on FINISHING.

So what I feel about this alidropship plugin is clear.

 If you want to have a dropshipping store and have a little bit of knowledge on wordpress, just go with alidropship, take my words you will not regret it.

But if you are a complete beginner and don’t want to go through the learning curve of website security, website hosting, and another technical aspect of running a website, you can always choose an easy way and go with Shopify.

Which is a bit expensive

 But we entrepreneurs love to find our ways and we hate the comfort zone, so if you are a real deal I know you will find a way to learn everything about running a website from scratch.

And when you do, just make sure to tell me about your journey in the comment section.

Till then see you in my next article.

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