Thrive Architect Review -is it the Best landing page builder for wordpress

Hey, Ashwin this side, and in less than 10 mins you will learn each and everything there is to know about a landing page builder called “’ THRIVE ARCHITECT

So that you can understand the power of this Drag-And-Drop page builder “WITHOUT” spending hours in research on other thrive architect review.

I, myself have been using thrive architect for the last 3 years now for making most of my optin pages or landing pages for affiliate marketing.

And in fact, you might already know me from my youtube channel where I teach others about wordpress and its tools 

So you can be sure that this thrive architect review is coming from a person who knows exactly what he is doing.

In this article, I will not be leaving behind anything, be it their drawback or their HIDDEN-COST or even their support issues everything will be EXPOSED !!!

And the biggest question of all – is it the best page builder for wordpress?

So if you want to know what exactly this page builder can do for you

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What is Thrive Architect

Before knowing anything about this tool 

Let’s first understand what exactly is Thrive Architect 

Thrive Architect is a wordpress plugin that allows us to create beautiful web pages without writing a single line of code.

It is a simple and easy to use drag and drop page builder which comes with a 487 pre-made landing page template which is fully optimized for speed and conversion.

Means if you want you can make a conversion-focused web-page in less than a minute 

Some common use of thrive architect

Thrive Architect review

This plugin can be used to create any type of pages inside of WordPress.


It is most commonly used among online entrepreneurs for creating

  • Landing pages
  • Optin pages
  • Custom homepage for blogs
  • Sales funnel design
  • And custom blog pages

Apart from this, you can use this plugin to design any web-page you want and as they have integration with all major email marketing tool you can collect emails and send them to your CRM directly using thrive architect all you need to do is connect with your email service provider using API

If you don’t have an email marketing tool yet you can checkout Mailerlite – its a free email marketing tool for beginners

How to use thrive architect in wordpress

As I have already told you, thrive architect is a wordpress plugin 

So to use thrive architect you must download it from their official website and then upload it on your wordpress website 

Here’s a quick step by step guide:

#STEP 1- Download thrive architect

Go to thrive themes official website and create an account after buying the thrive architect plugin, you will get a zip file which then you can use to install it on your WordPress website

#STEP 2- Install Thrive architect on wordpress

not that you have a file for that plugin simply go to plugins > Add new > upload > activate option to activate thrive architect 

if you want to learn more on how to install a plugin in WordPress- checkout this article==>> Install a plugin in wordpress

#STEP 3- Create a page and hit “ edit with thrive architect “

So these were the steps which you need to follow to use thrive architect plugin in wordpress and you can check the video down below to get and idea about how it will look when you will edit a page with thrive architect

How to edit any page with thrive architect – Thrive Architect Review

So here was a quick understanding of what is a Thrive architect and what it can do for you

I hope you are enjoying this thrive architect review so far

.Now in the next section, we will look at some of the important thrive architect features and will also talk about their drawbacks and alternative options 

Things are about to heat up – so if you don’t want to miss out keep reading.

Thrive Architect Features

In this section, we will take a look at some of the best features of thrive architect and why these features make this page builder an absolute conversion machine (we will cove this in just a second )

But before we do let’s look at Some of the key thrive architect features

  1. Thrive architect templates- They have done a really good job in organizing their page templates (in their last update) so whether you want to make a simple landing page or a complex sales page, you have a template of almost everything
  2. Thrive architect integrations- Unlike other page builders Thrive has integrations with almost any email marketing tool you can imagine. So if your email service provider is not a popular one thrive architect integrations will have your back 
  3. Smart landing page feature- This feature is my personal favorite. I remember once I was making a landing page for one of my client and every time he wants a different color combination for that page it use to give me real nightmares because I had to change the color or every section and element for every page but recently Thrive rolled out their latest feature called smart landing page which allows us to change the color combination of an entire landing page in just 1 click. Now your annoying clients can have their color combinations changed in seconds (I wish I had this feature back then)
  4. Better arrangement of Rows and Column- unlike other page builders thrive architect has a very unique way to organize rows and columns- in short, you can place any element to your desire place on that page 

Now that I have told you about some key features of Thrive Architect, let’s look at the Big dogs when it comes to the power of this beast

3 Best Thrive Architect Elements

there are all required elements just like any other page builder

However, there are certain elements which are only present in Thrive Architect which we will discuss in this section

  1. Style box element- This Element is really helpful when you are making a landing page and you want a quick box design to show important points. 
  2. Add Section element- This is not exactly drag and drop element but using this feature you can make any page quickly after every section of your page you will have a plus icon, when you will click on that icon, thrive architect will give you suggestions for the next section on that page along with a ready-made template
  3. Content reveal element- This is the most powerful element inside of the Thrive Architect tool if used properly you can make a landing page so powerful which can convert more than 20% of your traffic

It is hard to explain this feature in print so if you want to understand this do watch this video down below

Thrive Architect A/B Testing feature

Can you tell me the difference between a successful online entrepreneur and a Nieve online entrepreneur?

Two simple words – SPLIT-TESTING…

When you make a landing page or an option box, you never know if this is what your target audience will like until you test it with other versions of that page 

Traditionally A/B Testing or Split Testing tools use to expensive and only marketers with big team use to afford it 

But that time has become ‘history’ since then many tools have come but none of them has come even close to the combination of  thrive Architect and thrive optimize 

It has made Split testing hell a lot easier. 

Here is how we can do it with Thrive Architect and Thrive optimize:

And this is how easy to test your pages with Thrive Architect and Thrive optimize

Thrive Architect and Woocommerce

But Ashwin I am not a blogger or affiliate marketer I’m just having an e-commerce store 


Thrive themes are continuously working on their update and with their new update of their theme builder.

You can make a complete e-commerce store from scratch 

And can you guess which page builder is in use?

Its thrive architect of course

And not only this if you want you can make complete sales funnel using the cartflows plugin.

So these were the features of thrive architect and I hope you got a good idea of what thrive architect can do for you 

Now let’s talk about the pricing…

What exactly do we need to pay to have this page builder

Thrive Architect pricing

The pricing of this plugin is its strong point,

Unlike other online tools, it does not come with a monthly or yearly subscription.

There is a generous one-time payment 

And you get thrive architect for lifetime update and 1 year of support and trust me every other page builder you see be it divi or elementor they come with a yearly subscription 

This means you are trapped in a loop of paying them and if you stop they will stop providing an update and will leave your website vulnerable.

Where this is not the case with thrive architect, you can pay a one-time payment [ very similar to other builders] and you can have the plugin along with a lifetime of updates

Here is the detail of what you can expect 

5 License Pack


  • Includes all features
  • Upto 5 Website
  • 269 landing page templates
  • LIFE-TIME updates
Choose Plan

Single License pack


  • Includes all features
  • For only 1 Website
  • 269 landing page templates
  • LIFE-TIME updates
Choose Plan

But if you want you can get thrive architect and all of the thrive themes plugins for just 19$ a month along with a thrive university member.

Now that we have learned about Thrive architect features and pricing but this thrive architect review is not one dimensional

Let us look at some of the alternatives to this page builder

Thrive Architect Alternative

Page builder marketer is saturated and now and then you can hear about a new page builder popping in the community.

But there are 2-3 major players which can be a good alternative to thrive architect depending on your need 

Let’s look at them one by one

Thrive Architect vs Elementor

elementor vs thrive architect

This was one of the hot topics when the elementor was new to the game of page builder.

But with time elementor kept adding new features and became an ultimate solution to create a website from scratch.

And now for only 99$ per year, you can have elementor pro for 3 websites and you get elementor pro page builder, theme builder, popup builder, and a basic form builder  

Sounds a real deal on paper 

But I still believe thrive themes are the best tools for someone like me 

Here’s why

If  you just want to have a basic web page for a business website or even a basic blog, you can go for elementor pro

But, if you are someone who understands marketing and knows the importance of conversion tools and split testing 

Thrive theme membership is the best you can get for a wordpress website.

For just 19$ a month you can use all of the powerful thrive themes plugins for up to 25 websites 

Here is a quick comparison chat for both of this behemoth 

[wptb id=110]

Well this was my short comparison of thrive architect vs elementor 

So which one is better?

I will leave this to you and it depends on your need so I am one to suggest you a tool if I don’t know your current situation 

Now that we have covered almost everything there is to know about thrive architect 

Let’s look at some of its pros and cons and lastly- is it the best page builder?

Thrive Architect review – Conclusion

Before we just dive into the pros and cons of this plugin I want to take a moment and appreciate you for reading till this point. It may sound counterintuitive but most people will just search for answers and will not to read it and it seems like you are not among them

With that let’s jump to the showdown of thrive architect review and find out what are its pros and cons

[wptb id=105]

So here comes the biggest question is this landing page builder is the best?

And the answer is it really depends from person to person.

I am a full-time CPA marketer and for me features like landing page templates that are optimized for conversion matters, and features like split testing and quizzes can be a game-changer

Which I don’t get with elementor or any other page builder  (yet)

And at the end, if you feel you are just like me and want to have a copy of thrive architect for your website after reading this article 

I must guide you in every way possible

So here some important bonuses that I will give you to help you achieve your goals with this powerful tool

Thank you so much for you time and i hope you did enjoy this thrive architect review.

see you in my next article

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