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Thrive Quiz Builder Review – Make UNLIMITED quizzes in WordPress Website

Thrive quiz builder

Admit it, you have seen quizzes everywhere be it Facebook or a website, There is always some quiz that we encounter in our way.

And trust me they are hard to ignore.


Have you ever wondered why quizzes are so commonly used?


Let me tell you this – “ Quizzes are more than what you think

They are the best type of opt-in page you can ever use in your business/Brand to collect a well-qualified lead


.If you are having a website/blog on WordPress and you don’t know about this tool called Thrive quiz builder, you are missing out on lots of leads and potential sales.

But no more.

Just keep reading this thrive quiz builder review and I can promise that you will learn at least a few tricks related to quizzes that will help you with your business.

So if you have 10 minutes in hand and a desire to increase revenue for your business.

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What is Thrive Quiz builder?

Thrive quiz builder review

Thrive quiz builder is a wordpress plugin from thrive themes that help you to create powerful quizzes on your website without paying any monthly fees to some nonsense funnel software.

Using the Thrive quiz builder you can create unlimited Dynamic quizzes and qualify leads by asking relevant questions.

Weird affiliate quiz that made fortune for my friend – STORY

There is a real-life store that I had a few years ago with one of my friends, It changed my perspective about quizzes.

17 Jan 2018

IG Influencer that Changed My business forever

So it was a winter morning and we were attending our boring lecture on Information technology (college days )

 When I stumbled upon a conversation with this man on your screen and he was talking about how he was about to hit his highest financial month using INSTAGRAM 

and I was like whaaatt?

he had only 15-18k followers, so it was not making sense for me so I asked him… 

What exactly you do with those 15k followers

His answer gave me the Epiphany of my lifetime,

one simple word “PRE-FRAMING”

he said prior to this month he uses to promote affiliate links directly giving him a 1-3% conversion 

But once he stared pre-framing his audience conversions went up to 9-12%.

Quiz Funnel

My curious mind shouted immediately ” but how you do this?”

He said he is using quizzes to do this ( and he started about click funnels and all those stuff) That expensive shit which I can’t afford as a student.

So I came back home ( a kid who can not afford click funnels ) started my research of quiz building tools and found Thrive quiz builder which was way more affordable than CF.

Within a day or so I bought that plugin for my blog and made my first quiz funnel on my website without paying any monthly fees and called my IG friend immediately and told him about this,

and he said If what you said is true this tool is going to change how we make quizzes now

It has been 4 years since then

And I can tell you for sure that thrive quiz builder has indeed changed the way we use to make quizzes 

With features like

  • Easy quiz builder canvas
  • Dynamic opt-in page
  • A/B Testing
  • Dynamic result page

Thrive quiz builder has come along way,

However, I will go in deep on different features of the Thrive quiz builder later.

For now, let’s see how to add a quiz in wordpress?

Is it difficult?

Well keep reading and you will find it for yourself

How to add quiz in wordpress

Adding a quiz in a wordpress website is easy, simply install the thrive quiz builder plugin and you can use this simple step-by-step guide to have a quiz for yourself

Quickly watch this video and see how I build a quiz funnel from scratch

Thrive quiz builder tutorial

Now that you have learned, how to make a quiz in wordpress.

Why don’t you try making one for your website?

Or if you still want to know more about this tool,

Keep reading

I will share my 4 years of experience using this tool

But first, let see what steps we need to take to make a quiz using the thrive quiz builder

Thrive quiz builder tutorial

In this section, we will see how you can make your first quiz using thrive quiz builder in just 4 simple steps

Once you have this tool installed on your website, you can make unlimited quizzes.

So let’s see what are those 4 steps

#STEP 1- Select a quiz Template

When you will be at the home screen for thrive quiz builder you will see an option to Add new  Quiz, click on that

Simply give name to your quiz.

Then you will have 4 TEMPLATES for quizzes to select from

Thrive quiz builder
5 Quiz template in Thrive quiz builder
  • Build from scratch – This means no predefined pages or template you can make your pages.
  • List building template – this one is used to ask relevant questions and collect email addresses, it will have 3-4 pages splash page > quiz > opt-in gate> Thankyou page
  • Social shares template – These are the famous quizzes that we see on Facebook, it will have 3 pages splash page > quiz > badge share.
  • Gain customer insights – This type of quiz will help you to add a survey for your customers to get feedback from them Splash page > Quiz > Result

Depending on what kind of quiz you need you can select a template, for sake of this tutorial let us go with – BUILD FROM SCRATCH.

Give your quiz a name and click on continue.

#STEP 2- Select quiz Type

You can make 5 types of quizzes in the thrive quiz builder

  • Number – Select this quiz type if you want to show the result as a number, say “ you got 7 answers correct
  • Percentage – Select this one if you want to take a test of knowledge and show the result as percentage scored, say “ CONGRATULATIONS! You got 90%
  • Category – This is the most common quiz type you might have seen on Facebook, it is used for segmentation e.g “ select an image to know which type of wife you will get”
  • Right/wrong – This will help you to make a simple on-display question and answer giving feedback of right or wrong
  • Survey – Use this option if you want to create a simple survey for product and services

So I generally select category type, as it is really good to segment your audience and we can also make highly personalized quizzes.

  #STEP 3- Select quiz style

Now once you will select the quiz type, you will have to select a style for your quiz.

Inside of thrive quiz builder we have 6 different styles ( as of now )

 to choose from.

  • Lush
  • Minimalist
  • Light Blue Quiz
  • Dark Quiz
  • Orange Quiz
  • Dark Blue Quiz
thrive quiz builder review

You can select a style and simply go to the next step ( you can always change quiz-style later )

#STEP 4- Define Quiz Questions and Rule

Now we are talking business, you will have 4 steps showing on your screen

Splash> Questions>Opt-in>Results

You will have to edit each step one by one and your quiz is ready, let’s see how we can do it

Edit splash page for your quiz

A splash page is a simple landing page where we tell our visitors what our quiz is about and why you should take it.

When you will click on edit you will have this page

Thrive quiz builder review
How to Edit Splash Page

Here you can name your splash page and edit it using thrive architect

Once your customization is completed simply save that page and exit thrive architect page builder

Now you will have your splash page ready.

If you want, you can also make a variation of this page and can create A/B split testing straight from the thrive quiz builder splash page dashboard.

Ok so we have our Splash page ready next we will have to start adding questions to our quiz

Splash> Questions>Opt-in>Results

Add questions in thrive quiz builder

To add questions simply click on the manage option on your screen 

And now you can start adding in your questions

There are 3 types of questions you can ask in the thrive quiz builder

  • Multiple Choice with Text Buttons
  • Multiple Choice with Images
  • Open-Ended Question

Start creating your questions and map out a path for what will be the next question if someone will answer a specific question.

And once completed your screen should look like this

Ok now we have a splash page and we have all of our questions, so its time to sneak in an opt-in page where we can collect the email address of our visitors before sending them to the result page.

Add opt-in page in thrive quiz builder

To add this page in your quiz make sure you have a good lead magnet to offer.

You can simply click on the edit opt-in page 

Splash> Questions>Opt-in>Results

And start editing your opt-in page using thrive architect similar to how you edited your splash page 

Thrive quiz builder

Make sure to connect your opt-in page to your email autoresponder.

Configure result page 

Now you have everything you need to create a quiz, 

Splash> Questions>Opt-in>Results

Thrive quiz builder result

Now all we need is a result page to show the result to our contestants

Once completed you will get a shortcode for that quiz that you can use anywhere on your website.

Now you know how to make your quiz in wordpress using the thrive quiz builder.

Let’s look at some of the other key features of the thrive quiz builder.

Thrive quiz builder features

Thrive architect Review

So far we have seen how to use the thrive quiz builder to make quizzes in wordpress, now we are going to look at why the thrive quiz builder is the best tool you can have to make quizzes.

Although thrive quiz builder has many features under his sleeves, we will be talking about the top 4 features that I believe are the most powerful features of the thrive quiz builder.

So without further ado, let’s get started

Thrive quiz builder A/B testing

If you are in the online marketing industry you would know that this single most profitable thing which a successful marketer do that separates him from naive ones are – A/B SPLIT TESTING

Yes, they test a lot 


Performing these tests used to be expensive and confusing.

Not anymore

Using thrive quiz builder you can create a version or landing page and can test it with another version in a single click and thrive quiz builder will automatically select a winner and will delete the loser.

Isn’t that super cool?

Well if you are new to this game and wondering – Ashwin, what the heck is an A/B split test,

Let me tell you this in brief.

In simple words – A/B split testing can be explained as making 2 versions of a page with minor tweaks (say 2 different headlines) and then splitting the traffic 50-50 percent and check which version of this page is converting well.

Then keep the version that is converting well and delete the loser.

So this is called split testing.

Now that you know what is A/B split testing, let us see how we can do split testing in the thrive quiz builder

Here is a quick video to perform this action

A/B split testing in thrive leads opt-in

So that was the first feature of the thrive quiz builder.

Did you like it?

If you did, just bear with me because there are more than 3 such features.

Let’s look at our second thrive quiz builder feature.

Advance segmentation using tags 

Quizzes are used to segment our visitors and most of the tools we have to make quizzes are good at segmenting visitors at the front-end.

But what about the segmentation on the backend i.e out email marketing CRM.

How we can use the information provided by the visitor again and again.

Well, thrive quiz builder has a feature called TAGS, using the API of any email marketing tool you can use this feature to save the email address of your subscriber inside of your CRM segmented with tags.

Sounds confusing?

Let me give you an example

Say you are making a Weight loss quiz and you want to offer a MEAL-PLAN at the end.

But you want to segment visitors based on Vegetarians and non-Vegetarians.

So what will you do?

You will create 2 tags inside of the thrive quiz builder as – Vegetarians and Non-vegetarians, then you will map it with the right question in the quiz.

When a visitor will select either of them, a tag will be automatically created inside of your email marketing CRM and they will be segmented as vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

I hope this will give you an idea of what are tags and how powerful they can be if used properly.


If you are still confused you can watch this video to understand it better.

So that was my second pick for the thrive quiz builder feature.

There are still 2 more of them that I have selected to write in this article.

So without wasting much of your time, let’s look at the third feature

Dynamic opt-in page

Dynamic opt-in page?? What is that Ashwin?

So last time on my youtube channel I used this term in a video and my comment section was literally spammed by this question.

And I can tell you this if you found tags in thrive quiz builder awesome, then this feature is going to blow your mind.

Remembered this sequence –  Splash> Questions>Opt-in>Results

This is the sequence to create a quiz, But what if I tell you that you can have different opt-in pages based on tags.

Yes, you can make 2 versions of the optin page to show an offer for VEGETARIANS and different offers for non-vegetarians.

Here is a quick example of having a dynamic quiz opt-in

Left ImageRight Image

This single feature can make your quizzes super relevant to your audience and can skyrocket your opt-in rates.

Don’t believe me?

Try it for yourself.

Ok, we have one more feature left, it’s a basic one nothing fancy but really helpful for analysis.

One of my mentors told me – “ The things you can measure are the ones you can improve

So far we have seen all the powerful features but what about improvement.

Did we miss that?

No, in this last thrive quiz builder feature we are going to see how it can help us to read the data of our quizzes easily.

Advance quiz reports 

Thrive quiz builder has an inbuilt reporting system that will provide you with a graphical representation.

So that you can do in-depth data analysis to improve your quizzes 

You can also get a Daily, weekly, monthly report send on to your email 

Here is how your analytics dashboard will look.

So we have just seen the top 4 thrive quiz builder features that I feel are gamechanger for any bloggers or affiliate marketers


Every shiny object isn’t diamond ‘ 

Is that the case with thrive quiz builder?

Before you start judging,

Here are some of the pros and cons of the thrive quiz builder 

Thrive quiz builder pros and cons

This section is very important.

We all know nothing is perfect in this imperfect world, no matter how perfect you can look on paper there will always be some flaws in the real world.

Here we are going to talk about some of such flaws of the thrive quiz builder plugin.

Thrive quiz builder advantages

Let us start with the positive side of the thrive quiz builder and see some of the major advantages of thrive quiz builder over other tools

  • Simple and easy UI which guides us to make our first quiz
  • 3 types of quizzes and they come with premade templates
  • Make UNLIMITED quizzes
  • Can provide Dynamic content if needed
  • Drag-and-drop builder to make a splash page and opt-in page.
  • Integrations with almost all email marketing tool
  • Advance user segmentation using tags.
  • Easy to perform A/B split testing 
  • Advance reports 
  • Versatile to use anywhere on your website using short code

So these are some of the advantages of having a thrive quiz builder plugin on your website.

Now let’s look at some of the major disadvantages we have with this plugin

Thrive quiz builder disadvantages

I am a proud Thrive themes member for years and I have used most of their plugins and to my surprise, most of their plugins have common disadvantages.

Here we will be talking about some of the disadvantages of using the thrive quiz builder plugin.

  • It’s a wordpress plugin so we will have to spend on hosting and domain name, before ever making a quiz
  • It has only 4 premade templates (as of now) but the sad part is we cannot change the color scheme for any of the templates
  • Although we have an easy to use canvas to make our questions, keeping a track of answers  in a long quiz can be difficult

To be really honest I concentrated my thoughts as much as I could but didn’t remember any other major disadvantages of the thrive quiz builder.

So this was some of the major thrive quiz builder pros and cons, you can now judge it for yourself

We have seen how to use this tool, we have seen some of its powerful features and most of its pros and cons.

Now comes the most important question- How much for this?

Thrive quiz builder pricing 

Thrive quiz builder comes in 3 package 

  • $67 – for a single site license 
  • $97 – for 5 site license 
  • $147 – For 10 site license

However, you can also get a thrive themes membership for only $19 per month and can use all the thrive themes plugins and themes for up to 25 websites

but still here is my recommendation if you want to get started with thrive quiz builder

5 website package
  • Install on up to 5 websites
  • Includes all the features
  • Unlimited free updates
  • 1 full year of support
Membership Plan
  • Includes ALL of our plugins
  • Install on up to 25 websites
  • Unlimited support
  • Unlimited updates

Thrive quiz builder review- Conclusion

Congratulations you made it till the end.

I really appreciate your valuable time 

so with out further ado here are my final thoughts about this plugin 

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