Woocommerce Product addons review

Woocommerce product addons Review – can it increase revenue by 200%

Woocommerce Product addons review

Have you ever been to any online store and wondered how do they have this cool feature?

I wish i had this feature on my website.

Well in this article we are going to look at one of such a feature in action

And to be specific…

We are going to look at a woocommerce feature called – woocommerce product addons

In this woocommerce product addons review which is less than 10 minutes,

I will tell you EXACTLY how you increase your average order value in just a mouse click of your customer.

So if you are having 10 minutes to spare and an online store to enhance 

Keep reading…

What is woocommerce product addons?

If you are having an eCommerce store in wordpress, you must be already familiar with woocommerce- It allows us to convert any wordpress website into a fully functional eCommerce website.

Whereas the woocommerce product addons is an extension for woocommerce by using which you can collect additional payments on the product page

Something like this…

woocommerce product addons

Woocommerce product addons Features

This plugin has a very specific feature on your store i.e to show an additional form on the product page to collect payments/ Customer information.

There is a 5-6 form type that you can use to collect information and you can assign x amount to a dollar value to it.

If a customer wants they can fill this form and they will be charged additional money, it’s a great way to offer relevant products/services and increase the average order value.

some common use cases of woocommerce product addons

Now that we have got some understanding of what woocommerce product add-ons can do for your store lets look at some of the top eCommerce websites where we can see this type of feature in action.

woocommerce product addons

Here you can see how this website is offering fast shipping as their product addons and collecting additional payments.

You can also offer any other service which you can imagine, here are some quick ideas to explore

  • Gift wrapping
  • Custom message
  • One day delivery 
  • Print logo/name 
  • Any other addons

So this is what woocommerce product addons can do for your store and how other major players are using this kind of functionality 

In the next section, we will learn how to use woocommerce addons for your store and can implement the same feature which you have seen just now

How to get Extra product Options for woocommerce

Having this kind of feature we not easy when I started my online store back in 2012 along with my brother only top player can have this on their store (custom coded by developers)

But woocommerce product addons have made implementing this feature a piece of cake.

In  just 2 steps, we are going to have this feature on our website 

#STEP 1- Get woocommerce product addons plugin from the official website

It’s kinda real basic but this is our first step, there are so many plugins that can help you perform this action.

But we have to choose a plugin that has a good and reliable developer and support team.

So we are going to choose the official woocommerce product addons plugin that is present on the woocommerce website.

official Woocommerce product addons plugin

Once you will get this plugin you will have to install this plugin on WordPress.

Simply go to your wordpress dashboard and go to PLUGINS>ADD NEW>UPLOAD>ACTIVATE

Now that we have this plugin installed we can go to our next step I the process and learn how to use the woocommerce product addons plugin.

#STEP 2- Get extra product options for woocommerce

There are a couple of ways we can show extra product options 

  1. You can set a GLOBAL addon and show it on every product.
  2. You can set a SPECIFIC addon and show it on a particular product.

So we are going to see how we can get extra product options in both these cases

Global woocommerce product addons tutorial

To set a global addon for your store go to Products (on your wordpress dashboard) and click on addons> Create new

woocommerce product addons review

This will open a window where we can start creating our global addons

woocommerce product addons reviews

After that, you will have 4 options

  • Name- Here you can give a name to your addon
  • Priority –  this is is just a number that will determine the priority or which addon to show first in case of multiple addons from scale 1 to 10.

The lesser the number higher the priority.

  • Product categories – here you can select on which category type you want to show this addon or you can set it to ALL PRODUCTS for a global addon.
  • Addons fields – Then we have addons fields where we can create a field and assign value for that field

Now inside of the addons field, we will have 8 types of the field to chose from (we will see them in more details in the next section) for now we will select a Multiple Choice field and I will show you before and after image once it is completed.

Now just select a form field and give it a title and assign a value.

And now you have a global product addon for your store.

If you want to see this in video format just go to 6:00 on the video above.

Specific product woocommerce product addons tutorial

To assign an addon to a specific product you will have to go to all product and then you will have to select the product and click on edit

And scroll down all the way to product editing options and you will have an option called addon to create an addon for that particular product 

woocommerce extra product options

The process of creating this addon is the same

So I am not going to repeat this process

The only thing which is important here is the priority order for this addon, make sure you set it to its highest (near 1-2 ) 

Now that we have an idea of how we can create different types of addons.

Let’s dive in for the real knowledge and learn how we can use all the 8 field types and create a different style of addons

Here is what will happen to your product page

Left ImageRight Image

Fields in woocommerce product addons

There are 8 types of field types in woocommerce product addons which means we can collect payment for almost any type of DATA.

In this section, we will be covering how we can create different types of addons using different field type

so buckle up because this is the most important section of all i am not going to cover all of the 8 form type as some of the, are very straight forward.

how ever i will be showing you the most use form types

Multiple choice Type Addon

In this type, we can offer a multiple-choice offer to choose for our customers and we can have more than one offer price on that particular page

How we can have this type of product addon?

just fill up the short form which you see on your screen and you will have a multiple-choice addon for that product

  •  Type- select the Type as multiple-choice 
  • Display as – here you will have 3 options(Dropdown, radio boxes, and image) it simply means how you want this multiple-choice addon to like like in the frontend
  • Title -here you can name this addon, then you will have 2 checkboxes i.e
  • Description- after clicking in this, you can write a short description of the offer you have 
  • required field – if you will check this option, your customer cannot proceed to checkout until and unless they have taken this offer in their cart.
  • options- here you can give more than 1 options to choose from and you can assign a value to each options means if someone will select option one, value assigned to that option will to automatically  added to the cart value of that product

Now simply hit publish and your multiple-choice addon will be on the product page 

similarly, we have other form types to choose from such as

  1. Checkboxes
  2. Short text
  3. Long text
  4. File upload
  5. Heading 
  6. Customer-defined price
  7. Quantity

you can go ahead and explore all these options.

process for creating any addons is the same as I have shown earlier. now with that lets look at the pricing of this tool.

Woocommerce product addons Pricing

Having this tool for your website is not a tall expensive, in fact, it is less than a cup of coffee ($4 a month) 

In just $49.00 you can create unlimited addons for unlimited products, it comes with automatic free updates and the best part is if you don’t like this plugin you can apply for a chargeback to get your money back before 30 days

Woocommerce product addons Review – Conclusion

So all and all I would say it is a really good deal considering what we will have to pay for this plugin and hey if you can increase your average order value by even 10% or can get 2-3 ($20) addons accepted you will theoretically get back 100% of your money invested and trust me for tools like these “ we never pay for them they pay for themselves”

With this, I would like to wrap up this article and want to thank you for your valuable time.

Have a nice day and see you on my next article

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